Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#Mission15 at Shree Baal Rashtriya Ni. Ma. Vi.

We accomplished our 15th mission on September 7th, 2014 at Shree Baal Rashtriya Lower Secondary School, Gothatar, Kathmandu where we managed to donate a Desktop Computer, stationery and sports items. We also enjoyed an afternoon with the students to whom we sponsored afternoon snacks. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Raju Dahal @dah_raj for coordinating and managing the mission. Thank you all for directly and indirectly helping us in bringing smiles on faces. Some glimpses.

We were so happy to receive this sweet gift in return from an eighth grader. :)

Please find more photos of #Mission15 here .

The following people were at the #Mission15 and donated on the spot:

@deepace40 @dah_raj @Jaw_Knock @Neshaant @UjjwalAcharya
@FreakTraveller @anantabrt @NiranDai @B_lohani @chhote_don
@KarkaShirsha @iPagalbasti @aakarpost @sushmite @regmijyoti
@SuniShubham @ibnamra @CrazyyMind @ishzz @saurjk Megha Vaidya @RadiantTara @BudhiKarki @furious_rav @Aakrity02

The Expenses for the #Mission15:

A new assembled desktop computer: Rs. 19,600
Snacks (to all 110 students and teachers): Rs. 4,000
Geometry Boxes and Ball pens to students: Rs. 6,750
Sports/Educational Goods for School (Badminton, Charts, Caroomboard, Skipping Rubber, Chess, Ludo): Rs. 4,000
Total Expenses by tfcNepal: NRs 34350

Stationary materials to students (Copies, Pencils, Erasers, Sharpners and Geometry box) worth Rs. 5, 530 (donated in goods by Sudip Khatiwada)
First Aid Box worth RS. 1,000 (donated by Siksha Risal)
Books worth Rs. 1,500 (donated in goods by Niran Sinkhada)

Stationery material worth Rs. 1,310 (donated in goods by Saurab Rajkarnikar and Megha Vaidya)

Thank you all the kind hearts who have continuously supported us and we would also like to thank them who have always loved us by warning us to be more transparent than ever before. Our motive always was and will always be to spend our collections so that every penny reaches the target group. 

Thank you for your love and kindness. 

Together We can. 

Happy Tweeting :) 

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