Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mission 13 at Disabled Service Association (DSA)

Today we conducted our 13th mission at Disabled Service Association (DSA), Bungamati. Despite of the very short notice, some 7 tfcians could make it to the mission at Lalitpur. We could not invite many of our friends because we wanted to make it happen today to mark the Democracy Day.

You can read our earlier blog about DSA here.

From the earlier visit to DSA, they had asked for few things that they were in need and we provided them with those today at DSA's hostel in Bungamati. You can find the list of the donors and donations here.

They are also in need of a Braille typewriter, for which we have asked to few of our friends abroad. These Braille typewriters are not available in Nepal and they are in very need of at least one. If you know a way out to help them regarding a Braille typewriter, please get in touch to us.

Children happy with the new Harmonium

@fluctuating representing @tfcNepal donates the amount to Dayaram Maharjan

Attendees : @fluctuating @crazyymind @jaw_knock @gpokharel @aakarpost @anantabrt and @friendycalls

Thank you very much once again to all who are in hands on hands with us directly and indirectly. We are very much thankful to you all. 

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