Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas friends

Dear all,

We wish you a very warm and pleasant Merry Christmas 2013. We happened to celebrate Merry Christmas with the children in Kalopul, where we conducted our 12th Mission on 24th August. We saw their residence and were shocked and surprised to learn that they were sleeping/living with very less bedding. Keeping that in mind, we asked within ourselves if we could collect some bedding and blankets for them. Today we managed to handover few bedding and blankets to them, we now hope they will have a good sleep in the winter. 

A group photo 

The man who has the big heart Mr. Tola Bal

Our donation, few bedding and blankets

1. Bhaskar Raj Gyawali @bhaskargyawali : 6 blankets and bedding (used)
2. Pramod Neupane @friendycalls : 6 blankets and bedding (used)

Thank you donors for your kind support. We would like all you kind friends that if you too are willing to donate your used or new clothes, outfits, bedding and any sort of things you feel could be important to someone else would be highly appreciated. They are struggling with food and accessories too. If you are thinking of doing good this Christmas or upcoming New Year, why not donating things ?

Thank you and enjoy the celebrations.

Cheers !!

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