Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Help for Muna Bhattarai

Dear friends,

BBCNepali Sewa (@bbcNepali) broadcasted a news dated November 27, 2013 regarding domestic violence affected Mrs. Muna Bhattarai, 20 of Syngja. The story was reported by Haridevi Rokaya (@haridevirokaya) of BBC Nepali Service.

Listening to the report, some of the tweeter users (tweepals) were so much influenced by the news that they begin asking with tweepals to collect some money so as to make a fund so that it could be donated to Mrs. Muna Bhattarai. They also believe if the sum thus accumulated could be used for a small scale business that could be better for her life ahead.

The list of the donors are as follows:

Seti River @Shubhadraman :              NRs 10,000.00
Krishna Silwal @silwal_krishna :          NRs 10,031.00
Chetan Neupane @chetanneupane1 :  NRs 10,031.00
Hari Sapkota @hari_sapkota5 :           NRs 5,200.00
Paru Sharma @hi_paru :                    NRs 5000.00
Binod Shrestha @yashbino :               NRs 6556.84
Dhanu Shrestha @DhanuShrestha :    NRs 1800.00

                                               Total : NRs 48,618.84

Thank you all the kind hearts for the great initiation to transform the life of Muna Bhattarai. We hope and pray that Muna gets to lead a better life ahead.

Muna is now living in the shelter home of Saathi an undisclosed location. Because of the reason of sensitive violence issues they did not let us meet Muna. However, she's now living in a better deserving place.

We would like to thank Mrs. Aabha in Saathi, who accepted to provide the sum to Muna Bhattarai for her better future. Also, we are thankful to Haridevi Rokaya who reported on such sensitive issue and enlightened us to help her.  

#tfcians handed over the collected sum to a representative of Saathi.

We are greatly thankful to all the donors and also friends who helped us directly and indirectly to send the sum to the target level. 

Happy Tweeting. 

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