Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hiking Mania

#Hiking is a regular monthly touring plan being organized apparently by @tfcNepal. We hike on every last Saturday of Nepalese calendar month. We plan to hike different Hills around Kathmandu. Though #Hiking was being organized with some of ours initiative, but now onwards we take the lead. There are certain rules to be followed for #hiking as listed below.

  1. #Hiking is to explore places around us and at the same time to keep our body and mind healthy, so let us take it seriously and plan accordingly.
  2.  Some friends among us will prepare the food to eat somewhere for the hiking. The food comprises of a vegetable curry, achar, a non-veg curry, dry noodles, Dalmoth and else.
  3. Everyone is requested to bring water for themselves.
  4. The hiking cost is NRs 500 per person. The total cost for the expenses will be done from the fund collected from all hikers and the remaining sum will be kept at the sunshine fund for @tfcNepal.
  5. Hikers should register their names by last Thursday before the hiking date in a google document to be provided each time.
  6. Hiking photos will be posted in a drop box and be left there for a certain period of time so that everyone could download.
  7. Some rules here may be subjected to change as according to mutual interest of all hikers.

#Hiking : A healthier initiative by @tfcNepal.

Please find the registration chart here

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