Sunday, March 24, 2013

Second Anniversary #tfcNepal #Mission9

#tfcNepal – a loose group in twitter dedicated purely to serve under-privileged, biased and discarded community within our society for their livelihood and education. 

Happy Second Anniversary #tfcCake

#tfcNepal celebrated its second anniversary today at the premises of Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan (SSS), Bhatkepati, Kirtipur with 7 HIV infected children brought from the very rural villages in Nepal. Despite that the resident students in the organization being a total number of 10, we interacted with only 7 children of varying age group of 3 to 11.  They are very much obliged to Thulo sir (Elder sir) Mr. Raj Kumar Pun and Thulo Miss (Elder Miss) Mrs. Uma Gurung.

Mr. Pun and Mrs. Gurung are the only carer in the childrens’ life there, as most of them have already lost their either or both of their parents due to prolonged HIV. Mrs Gurung says, once they heard of the abandoned HIV infected children in Far-west Nepal and approached to them spreading the hands of love, they could not resist adopting them. The situation turned out to be far more pity than what they had expected. Since, then she along with Mr. Gurung thought of establishing a shelter home to those homeless abandoned children. This has now grown to a home to 10 children with similar conditions.

One of them, Hemraj wants to be an actor and he’s got the passion for that. He’s the youngest of all and bears a good morale. To be honest, we found that all the children living there in SSS were too much disciplined and well mannered. Kudos to the team who are behind better care taking of those children, of course the management team of SSS. Teachers residing in the organization have given their best to raise the children. Salutes to all those social volunteers working hard for carving a better future.

team #tfcNepal Group photo #mission9

#tfcNepal is proud to celebrate its second year’s anniversary in such a holy land. Thanks to all the tweepals and #tfcians who have been a continuous source of inspiration and motivation towards giving at least something towards our society. #tfcNepal could not be into such heights as of now without you all #tfcians and regular donors.

We guarantee that your donations are utilized most efficiently.

Please find the donation and expenses list of #Mission9 here.

Thank you all for your continued support. 

Happy tweeting.

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