Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Invitation: Celebrating 2nd anniversary [#mission9] of #tfcNepal in Saphalta HIV Shiksha Sadan

From the beginning of our formation we have been continuously working to bring smiles on the faces of under privieleged and deprived groups especially children around our community and till date we have accomplished eight missions.

And this Sunday [March 24, 2013; Chaitra 11, 2069] we are attempting our two years of 'Tweeting For Cause'. So we are going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary [#mission9] with the children of Saphalta HIV Shiksha Sadan (#SSS), Kirtipur.

Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan

Saphalta HIV Shiksha Sadan (#SSS) located at Bhatkepati, Kirtipur is one of its kind which works for the rehabilitation of the HIV infected children around the country and help them just not to prolong their lifespan but also to motivate them to live with precious smiles.

Mr. Raj Kumar Pun, 29 is an inspirational individual who sold his own house and rented it back to provide a homely environment to those who don’t have anyone in the world except him. We don’t know how he got motivated to initiate this sanity, but when he heard a news describing the terrible life condition of some young helpless HIV infected in 2067 BS in a national daily Newspaper, he could not stop himself to work for them.

Children at SSS

The forum has raised 10 varied aged children from Salyan, Darchula and Dang. Children of varying age group from 3 to 11 years, all infected by HIV virus, (carrier being their parents) live under the shade founded by the combined efforts of Mr. Raj Kumar Pun (Founder Chairman) and Uma Gurung (Founder Managing Director). Most of the children living in SSS don’t have their parents as they’ve died because of prolonged HIV leading to AIDS.

On the occasion of second birthday or the day of establishment of @tfcNepal, on 24th March 2013, Sunday, we have planned to help SSS however we could. As a matter of fact, as they’ve asked us if we could help them in the basic food (daily household) items, We will be donating Rice, Grains, lentils and things like that. If you’re interested in helping them regarding stationary materials, your thoughts are most welcome.

If you are motivated to help them and would like to donate anything you feel like important, you are most welcome to donate them no matter what, no matter the amount or not at all a problem of things what you wish to donate.

We know you are very kind. Act now to help the underprivileged people in our societies.

You can donate via us or directly to them in the following bank account.

Account Name : Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan, Kirtipur
Account Number : 0501010000208
Bank : Global Bank Limited, Kirtipur Branch

Happy Birthday all @tfcians, be there:

Location : Saphalta HIV Shiksha Sadan, Bhatkepati, Kirtipur

Date: March 24, 2013 [Chaitra 11, 2069]
Time : Sharp 1 PM
Please mention @tfcNepal for details.

God Bless all.

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  1. All the very best for the success of mission 9.