Friday, January 18, 2013

An invitation to #mission8 #One Year School Fee Campaign'

Finally, we all are set for our much awaited "One Year School Fee Campaign" #Mission8.
tfcNepal is going for #mission8 in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur this Saturday January 19.
As decided in the meeting of tfcNepal on last saturday, January 12 at Bhrikutimandap we are all set to go for bringing smile on the faces of 8 children residing at "Ashaya Tatha Apanga Balbalika Uthhan Kendra" and studying at Highland English School, Sainbu, Nakhkhu VDC, Lalitpur.

For the purpose of #mission8, we had appealed to collect money equivalent to pay for 1 year school fee in the school, which comes to be 12*1200*8= 1,15,300, which we successfully collected during the period after the completion of #mission7 at the same place. We are very happy to see the project done on pretty quick time  and all those helping hands are always speechlessly generous and thakful for the great purpose of "Bringing Smile on The Faces'
From the money we have collected snatching every pennies possible from our followers and others, we hope the kids there enhance their future more and more towards being a respectful and able citizen of the country.
We are also happy to announce that we have been monitoring of those materials we have given them in #mission7 watching closely whether these materials are well used or not and we can see the best possible good use of those things we provided.

Once again, tfcNepal would like to thank all our kind followers who helped and supported physically or virtually in "One Year School Fee Campaign", we could not have done it with out you people's support.

So, we kindly request you all to participate in our programme at following time and venue.
Here's the list of our followers who donated for our #mission8 "One Year School Fee Campaign"

Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Highland English School, Sainbu, Nakhkhu VDC. Phone no: 015015031
Date: January 19, 2013 [Magh 06, 2069], Saturday.

PS: We will be gathering at Ekantakuna Chowk [Near Ptrol Pump] at 1:00pm, before leaving for the venue, you can join us there or you can directly go to the venue Highland English School, Sainbu.
See you there.

For Inconvenience: Please call Sudip: 9841281964.

Happy Tweeting
tfcNepal, 2012.

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