Thursday, October 11, 2012

#Mission7 at Ashaya Apanga BalBalika Utthan Kendra, Bhainsepati.

Finally #mission7 is on the wing.
We the proud tfcians are going to organize #mission7 at Asahaya Apanga BalBalika Utthaan Kendra [#AABUK], Bhaisepati, Lalitpur on this coming Saturday 13th October 2012, Asoj 27, 2069. Along with it, tfcNepal is providing Dashain gifts as promised to Ashaya Bal Griha, Sanopokhara, Hetauda kids, where we accomplished our #mission6, few months back.

In those informal meet ups, the 7th mission was discussed to go on the floors before the festival of joy Dashain. As we came to know about Asahaya Apanga BalBalika Utthaan Kendra, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur some tfcians observed the spot, listed the necessaries and the mission was fixed. Because of the lack of sufficient time to discuss and organize a meeting, We want to inivite every interested tfcian humbly to participate on the #mission7 through this blogpost.
Asahaya Apanga BalBalika Utthaan Kendra, Bhaisepati was established 8 years ago, which is now home for 8 lovely kids staying inside. An NGO runner, who rented the flat to keep 12 children and escaped away
after sometime leaving them to go nowhere, made the owner of the house herself to rescue and become savior for them which she did. She said she has no fixed source of income to run, but she has well managed as much as she can for those children in her own home. All 8 kids are going in a English medium boarding school with good facilities, and when we moved in without prior notice, she was helping them take bath and every kid looked very happy and clean.
For those lovely people, we have managed some kitchen stuffs, food items and stationaries along with other accessories as per their requirement, which we are going to handover this saturday as the #mission7.
Besides that, as it was promised, we have decided to send some supplementary food, stationary materials and footwears including our love and greetings to Asahaya Bal Griha, Hetauda, on the same day.

Finally, We are happy to announce our combined attempt for bringing back smiles on faces as our motto says, and we invite every interested good hearts with helping hands to be at Bhaisepati and Hetauda to bring smile on the faces of the children during the festival of joy Dashian. Those tfcians, interested to go on Hetauda mission, can contact us for the detail.
Kindly show your presence at following time and venue for the successful accomplishment of #mission7. Your presence is highly appreciated.

Mission date: October 13, 2012, Asoj 27, 2069, Saturday
Time: 1300 hrs/1:00 pm (sharp) 
Venue: Ashaya Apanga Balbalika Utthan Kendra, Bhainsepati, Lalitpur.
Google Maps Here

Before that, the meeting at Ptandhoka on 18th August have decided the followings :
1) tfcNepal, not to be registered :-  The issue of formal registration of TFC Nepal as an registered organization has been rejected by majority of tfcians as they worried about the basic norm and beauty of collective ownership being a loose network, and not to forget it is functioning well.

2) Continuation of Missions : The meeting approved the missions that has been completed being very successful and decided to continue them in better pace, format and options.

3) Future Formats: The meeting went on having a very fruitful discussion about the future formats of  tfcNepal bring smile on faces, the options discussed were going for volunteer works, less focus on donations and developing tfcNepal as a knowledge center etc.

4) Bank Account : tfcians has another good discussion on how to manage financial aspect of  tfcNepal, i.e. bank account where there were many options were discussed. But for now, TFCians decided not to keep any amount as bank balance, and just ask the donations when mission is decided to spend every amount for the same mission.

                                                                                                                                 -Thank You
                                                                                                                                   Happy Tweeting
                                                                                                                                   tfcNepal, 2012.

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