Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#Mission6: Distribution of Stationary materials to Ashaya Bal-Griha, Hetauda.

On Baisakh 30, tfcNepal meeting was held at Yalamayakendra, Patan where the main agenda was upcoming #mission6. The following decisions were made in the meeting regarding mission6.

1. The mission will be conducted in Ashaya Bal-Griha, Sanopokhara, Hetauda-5 on Jestha 06 [May 19, 2012]. Its an orphanage home run by two individuals, where more than 20 school going children are being fed and well-educated in Ananada Marga School.

2. The representatives of tfcnepal will move to Hetauda via Tata Sumo on May 18 evening or May 19 early morning [If bandha doesnot persist]. Even if we couldnot go Heatuda, we have handful of tfc-ians there who will conduct the mission.

3. The interested participants who wants to go Hetauda have to inform their name by Thursday evening [May 17]. Interested tfc-ains, can mention @kakabaa @sigdelumesh or @furious_rav.

4. The participants who will be going to Hetauda have to bear all their expenses [travel & accomodation] on their own and no fund from tfcNepal will be provided to any participants. Its totally a voluntary work

Our primary aid will include a complete set of stationary materials [ School bags Text books, Reference books, copies, pencils/pens, erasers etc]

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