Saturday, May 26, 2012

#Mission6 successfully done in Hetauda.

Like Mother Teresa said “We can not all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”. Yes, We, tfcNepal do little things for greater happiness.

It was the second time, tfcNepal had organized the mission outside Kathmandu. All five mission [including one outside Kathmandu, in Gaighat] were successfully done with continual supports and co-operation from all our friends from real and virtual world. As tfcNepal is always committed to bring smiles on every needy faces irrespective of barriers. On this occasion as well we got the oppportunity to go beyond Kathmandu to aid a bit to bring smile on the faces.
Mission6 Venue: Ashaya Baal Griha, Sanopokhara, Hetauda-5.

Our members Umesh Sigdel and Ravi Acharya from Hetauda earlier sent us a proposal, it was discussed in various formal and informal meeting in Kathmandu and we all agreed upon executing this mission in Hetauda in Ashaya Bal Griha, Sanopokhara. The date of mission was fixed for May 19 2012. Hence we, 8 excited tfcians despite Banda/Chakkajam travelled to Hetauda on December 18, evening loading logistics which tfcNepal was donating. It was 9:00pm in the evening when we reached Hetauda, where we received a warm welcome by Umesh Sigdel and Ravi Acharya.

The next day, after breakfast we moved on to the mission site, which was not too far from Avocado Hotel, where we stayed. All the children and Indira Neupane [the founder of Ashaya Bal Griha] were eagerly waiting for us.
At the venue, we distributed a complete set of stationary materials which included school bags, text books, copies, pencils, erasers, calculators, dictionaries etc etc. All the children were very much excited to receive  new bags, copies, books and various other statioery. Though the logistics were really too less in compare to their needs, we were happy that these things at least could bring smile on their faces.

We would like to salute Indira Neupane for her enormous efforts who is helping 24 children living with countless pain hidden beneath those innocent smiles, she has provided them with home, love, care and very good education. She has been working tirelessly to provide a new own home and quality education for these children so that these children would never feel that they are alone and lagging behind. She thinks education is the only thing all the children need. She is the only hope for the fullfillment of the dreams seen by those innocent kids. She explained, she began her journey as a social worker and later on founded this children home with an aim to fullfill the dreams seen by those children and named it Ashaya Baal Griha.

We were very proud to be with them during the programme when we knew the children full of indigenous talent. We sang, danced, enjoyed popcorns and raddish pickles together. We listened to their stories, shared our experiences with them, which made our journey an unforgettable one. Seriously, it was one of the memorable day of our lives and indeed, one of the best missions of tfcNepal.

And we have a great feeling that, we were able to help them with small amount of money, which we collected from our valued members. We think, our small attempt was not comparable to the large responsibilities and courage of Indira Neupane, the way she has devoted her life to selfless service, this is not possible for any ordinary man with normal heart. But we are still happy that, we were able to lay a brick, though a small one, in her large house of selfless service.

We would like to thank Umesh Sigdel [@sigdelumesh] for giving us an incredible experience at Hotel Avocado, managing all accomodations and lodging during our stay in Hetauda, Sudip Khatiwada [@sudipsaan] who enormously helped us in our shopping despite his busy schedule, Ravi Acharya [@furious_rav] who co-ordinated this mission6 and tfcians [Hari Neupane @kakabaa, iShwor Kafle @ishzz, Janak Raj Bhatta @jaw_knock, Sudip Khatiwada @sudipsaan, Ananta Koirala @anantabrt, KP Phuyal @ipagalbasti, Akur Rimal @fluctuating Ravi Acharya @furious_rav, Lok Bijay Pokharel @surkhetithito etc] who managed to travel to Hetauda bearing all the expenses on their own despite of continuous strikes/Bandhs and tfc-ian from Hetauda Nishan Aryal, Bikram Khatiwada @abhiyantamarkib who joined in the venue.

Mission Accomplished :))

We hope we would be successeful in helping other courageous and brave women like Indira Neupane  who are working with similar objective in the near future if you keep on supporting us directly and indirectly.

Here is the expenditure details of mission6.
Here is the list of total donors of tfcnepal.

You can also read a related blogpost on the same #mission6 by Janak Raj Bhatta here. Thanks for uploading your wonderful experience. To view more of the photos from the mission, please visit our Facebook page. And also keep updated with tfc-tweets.
And certainly we were yet again able to bring smiles on the cute faces.  

Thank You all.
Happy Tweeting :)

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  1. Awesome work tfcians :) I wish I could be there together.