Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Book For Village" ''गाउँमा पुस्तक अभियान''

Recently, with the help of  some dedicated and conscious friends from social media Facebook and Twitter, we had started a social media campaign named BOOK FOR VILLAGE, beginning with a meeting at Bhrikuti Mandap on March 31, 2012.
This is a group of enthusiastic friends which is formed with an aim to provide and establish library for children and community at four different Government schools of remote vilages of Nepal, Surkhet, Bardiya and Morang.
In this campaign, besides newspapers and guide papers of any discipline, you can provide us with any readable old/new books especially primary and secondary level books. We have been able to collect more than two thousand books from our helpful friends from Kathmandu and Pokhara in this very short period. And this collection of books has been extended to Hetauda, Surkhet and other towns. We must say, we have been encouraged by the extraordinary participation of our friends.

The gradual increase in number of our participant friends, and excitement for collection of books had encouraged us and added an extra vigour to our aim of building a library. If we find similar success in collecting books, then we can build library not in a single place but nationwide. We just need your enthusiasm, support, encouragement and participation.
Recently we have passed four proposals for building library. Among them we have discussed two proposals here. We will make sure to update the remaining proposals gradually. Especially, for now we have moved ahead to provide books in a way, where the community itself will take the full responsibility of books and use them in their own supervision. Now we are searching for mechanism to fulfill this particular aim. But providing books like this may jeopardize the security of books. So book racks are quite necessary to keep them safely. In order to overcome this problem we have proposed that books will be provided for only such institutions, who are well equipped with book racks and other prerequisites to store books properly. But if this cannot be done, we have proposed to help those institutions by providing them financial aid. For this we have used our own account no, especially for those who cannot provide books but are willing to help the cause financially. We are happy to announce that if we are able to collect sufficient fund, then that fund will be utilized to buy computers and book racks for the library.
We are very thankful to tfcian Mr. Ngawang Chophel Sherpa, who is helping us raise funds in the U.K for this Book For Village campaign. If any one of you are in the U.K and interested in our cause, you can contact Mr Ngawang Chophel Sherpa.

If you have any old new unused books at your home, donate to the students who desperately need them and be a part of our campaign. Thank you.
You can drop your books in the following collecting centers.
1. UFO, Kathmandu Mall [Ground Floor]
2. Youth Action Nepal, Anamnagar
3. Rakshya Shree Sahakari Sanstha, Kalanki.
4. Equal Excess Nepal, Jhamsikhel.

If you have any suggestions and querries, you can join our Facebook Group..

For further details, plz refer to our previous blog post.
Thank You.
-tfcNepal, 2012.

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