Sunday, March 25, 2012

1st Anniversary celebration with Children of NNASK, Jagritinagar & Pushpa Basnet.

tfcNepal [Tweet For Cause Nepal] celebrated its 1st anniversary on Mar 24 2012, with children of Naya Nepal Apanga Samaaj Kendra, Jagritinagar and CNN Heroes 2012 nominee Ms. Pushpa Basnet. 24 tfc-ians, 3 non tfc-ians and 1 foreign social worker were also present to mark the anniversary. Ms. Puspa Basnet cut the cake on behalf of  tfcNepal and said that she was happy to know about the social change social media is bringing. Indeed it was a great milestone to achieve and all the members are equally committed to continue the social initiative with lot more effort on coming years to bring more smile on the faces.

tfcNepal also provided a set of Copy, Pencil and eraser at the event. Also, tfcNepal provided chicken meat for the children of Naya Apanga Samaj Kendra. There are 24 physically challenged but differently able orphan children. And Naya Nepal Apanga Samaj Kendra is also where we accomplished our #mission4

Attendees: @pawanneupane1, @babaajee, @jaw_knock, @saroose, @n_amrit, @binayguragain, @bishnu_dai, @coolrims, @lendai, @anantabrt, @apocalyptse, @poojaree, @roz_idiot, @sarojtiwari, @sudipsaan, @niraj_1974, @furious_rav, @kakabaa, @knchn19, @pokharelketi, @fluctuating, @pagalbasti, @hellomuku, @nepaldiary, @ishzz, Pushpa Basnet and others.

Thank you all.
Happy Tweeting. tfcNepal, 2012

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