Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#Mission5 Accomplished: At Samyukta Dristibihin Shrot Kachhya (SDSK), Udayapur.

It was the first time, tfcNepal had organised the mission outside of Kathmandu. All the four mission were successfully done inside Kathmandu and tfcNepal members had always wanted to bring smile on every needy faces irrespective of the barriers. This time it was the opportunity to do that. Our members from Gaighat had sent us the proposal, it was discussed in various formal and informal meetings with tfc-ians in Kathmandu and all agreed upon doing the mission in the visually-impaired support centre, Samyukta Dristibihin Shrot Kachhya (SDSK), Belahi, Udaypur. The date of mission was fixed for December 17 2011. Hence ten tfc-ians despite their busy schedule had moved to Gaighat on December16 2011 loading the logistics which tfcNepal was going to donate in SDSK, Belahi, Udaypur. We, all the members were so much into excitement despite of long and tiring journey in Cold December.

It was 0630am in the morning when we reached Gaighat. We received a warm welcome there. After freshening up, it was time for last hour meeting regarding #mission5 , which we held in the local tea-shop. After the meeting, we managed to visit some beautiful places of Gaighat.

After lunch, we move on to the mission site. The place where the  Samyukta Dristibihin Shrot Kachhya (SDSK)  was located was 24kms east from Gaighat. Far from development, the way itself was rough and muddy and any one could guess how much deprived situation the support centre had been facing. After riding for 1hr and 15min we reached the mission site: Dristibihin Sewa kendra, there were 19 visually impaired childrens waiting for us. They welcome us with their own creation: a welcome group song. After listening to the song we became speechless, all the members were sure that, those visually impaired children were in lot ways more able and potential then they are being taken as. If given the opportunity they could compete with any mainstream band, and they have been working hard in singing.

The welcome song which the students played for us [courtesy @someshverma]

We distributed 1 harmonium and 2 madals  and after receiving those musical instruments the smiles we see on those faces were the best moment for all of us. Despite musical instruments, we also distributed enough winter clothes to all of them. As music has no boundaries, knowing their passion for music, we feel providing them harmonium and madal was the best part and they will at least have some good practise with those instruments. We believe they can brighten up their moments with the positive vibes of music. Though the logistics were really too tiny in compare to their needs, we were happy that these things at least could bring smile on their faces no matter what period of time.

and The Smiling faces :))
Likewise in all previous missions, this mission was also highly successful as we were able to bring smile on their faces. We would like to thank all our mentors, members, who [@someshverma @ishzz @kakabaa @fluctuating @_pagalbasti @niraj_1974 @aakarpost @jaw_knock @anbika @acharya14 @avishekaryal]  manged to go Gaighat despite their busy schedule,  and well wishers for supporting us both physically and virtually, and would like to commit that we will be working continuously in order to bring the smile on needy faces. And how could we forget tfc-ians of Gaighat [@maila_sau @gogoze @gozedipak @jituroila @sigsan_ @peshalbro @lonelysanjib] and Hetauda [@sigdelumesh] without whom the mission would not have been so successful. And would like to thank @sigdelumesh's effort, helping us to reach Kathmandu.

[Note :
1. All the expenses in travels, lodging/foods and unforeseen expenses were all upon self expenses and tfcNepal's fund was solely used to spend on buying stuffs to donate on mission.

2. No tfcnepal members were invited personally or requested specifically to take part in the mission. This was fully an act of self volunteering and everyone who thinks self as a member of tfcNepal are heartily welcomed into every missions yet to come.]

Here is the total expenditure details of #mission5.
Here is the list of Total Donors of tfcNepal.

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[What is #tfcNepaltfcNepal is a loose group of enthusiastic Nepalese twitter users formed with a view to transform the social networking into some serious social welfare, our only motive motive is to bring smile in the faces. And we work for the betterment of lives of under privieleged and deprived groups around our community]


  1. Indeed a great job worth lifelong remembrances. I'm proud of tfcians :)

  2. कृपया नेपाली भाषामा पनि ब्लग अपडेट गर्नु हुन्छ कि ...हामी यस समुहलाई माया गर्ने तर अंग्रेजी भाषा नबुझ्ने हरुलाई केही राहत हुने थियो

  3. needless to say, a small step is a giant leap... hats off!!!

  4. And yes those smiles count..:)).Kudos to the Team @TFC-Nepal...:)