Friday, September 16, 2011

We are all set to #Mission4 Sept 24, 2011, Saturday

Finally a #mission4 is on the wing. We the proud tfc-ians are going to organise #mission 4 at Naya Nepal Apanga Samaaj Kendra [#NNASK], Jagritinagar, Kathmandu. Here is the google map: 

There are 24[19M+5F] children[3-13 years of age] staying at this orphanage centre which is located near to Kareshowr Mandir, Sinamangal. Most of them are physically challanged but differently-abled children. They are having a good education as some people are funding their school-fees. However, their basic need of food and clothes has not been still in their -'do have' list which makes us plan to support these children.

Hence all the tfc-ians are requested to take part in this #mission4 which is solely targeted to bring smile on the faces of these children during the festival of joy- Dashain. We are planning to donate a new pair of clothes, tfcnepal's school bag and some stationary to these childrens. also we are planning to organize a feast for them so that we all tfc-ians can share at least one meal with these childrens.

Support from you are always anticipated hence kindly support us either physically or virtually. We are stll in the process of collecting fund hence if you wish, you can donate your desired amount in our bank accounts, here is the account details However don't forget to twitpic your deposit voucher and mention it to @tfcnepal so that we can keep a track on it.

Also kindly  show your presence at following time and venue for the successful accomplishment of #mission4. Your presence is highly appreciated.

Mission date: Sep 24, 2011, Asoj 07, 2068, Saturday
Time: 1400 hrs/2:00 pm (sharp) 
PS: Time has been slightly changed due to other programmes going on tomorrow. Our program starts from 12:00 noon 
Venue: Naya Nepal Apanga Samaaj Kendra, Jagritinagar Kathmandu.

The tfc-ians will be at Kareshwor mandir, South of Sinamangal Bhatkeko Pool by 0130 pm hence if you reach there then you can see the members with @tfcnepal tshirt.

Your support and presence are always anticipated.

Together, yes we can bring smile on the faces!!

Naya Nepal Apanga Samaj Kendra, Jagritinagarour #mission4 destination

Happy Tweeting :))

-tfcNepal, 2011


  1. google map baata location map pani embed gardiye jhan raamro hunthiyo ki :)

  2. i like this, we have to do this "bring smile on the faces of these children during the festival of joy- Dashain."

  3. Good going tfcians..... You guys ROCK :)