Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reminiscence of the Second Meeting of @tfcnepal #Meeting2 #Minuting

Date: 07th May , 2011

We are very much excited by the overwhelming presence and support for us, which we noticed on the meeting held today at Bhrikurtimandap. Despite the change in the scheduled meeting in late hours (was preponded than scheduled), we were surprised to see most of our members, who managed to be there just exactly on time at the venue which proved we are really very eager to change the so called Nepali trend. We praise your sanity and eagerness to help people to bring smile on their faces.

The meeting included basically the following agendas:

1) Gathering for memebers' recognation ( a friendly off-web environment)
2) Describing our motives and discussions on our efforts so far. 
3) Sharing ideas on the orphanage/elderly homes around our community where we could extend our helping hands in the forthcoming missions.
4)  Discussing on the account summary of the funds collected and expensed till now.
5) Fund Collection from members.

After the discussions on the agendas, we are excited with the increasing presence of enthusiastic members to help the underprivileged groups around our surroundings. We discussed on the #Mission1 which we offered our donations we collected to Pabitra Samaj Sewa (#PSS) Nepal on 23rd April, 2011. We concluded that our first ever mission was a grand success, we were certainly able to bring smile on the faces.  

We also asked #members to locate and  identify the real needy organisations or people contributing their lives for the betterment of the deprived groups. And, we firmly suggest you all #members to share ideas of such orphanage/elderly homes around your community, if may be able to extend our helping hands to them in the missions to come.

As the financial part plays a key role for the better running of any organisations/body, thus being a loose group, we shared all the true financial statements of @tfcnepal yet till May 6, 2011 for clarifications. You can see the financial data here.

We were able to collect NRs 8,800.00 today at the venue. You can see the donors' list here. We are very much thankful to all the donor members for their enthusiasm and support. Further financial records shall be produced in the meetings yet to come.

Since, there was a non-political youth initiated programme to raise the voices to warn the constitution assembly's members to produce the constitution in the allocated time, we then decided to rush towards #Maitighar to unite our voices on the same. We reached there with full excitements to support the cause, we sang slogans 'We want सम्बिधान'. We discussed there with the CA member Sunilbabu Panta about the ongoing political hindrances to oppose the constitution making, and the better ways to overcome the ongoing halts. We were extremely satisfied being a part of the programme organised by #nepalunites. Overall we really had a great day and returned with bright smiles on our faces.  

Presence :

Thank you all for making day a memorable one :)

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