Saturday, May 14, 2011

An aid to Disabled Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) Nepal #Mission2 @tfcnepal

Disabled Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) Nepal, located at Gokarna-1, Jorpati, Kathmandu is a voluntarily run non-profit and non-governmental organisation (NGO) which looks after physically challanged children for the betterment of their lives from various backgrounds. Presently it has 55 differently-able children of age 5 to 19 years. It works for the childrens' livelihood  in different aspects of their development by providing a family atmosphere, healthcare and education.  It also uses its resources however possible to improve the lifestyles of children and help them become self reliant for a better living in future.

It explains its motive as rehabilitation, reintigration and respect for differently-able children or/and supporting the lives of children from extreme deprived groups despite of any religion, caste or sex.  Children at DRC Nepal are presently studying at various schools nearby and doing well in their studies. 17 children from the Centre gain their education from Khagendra Nawa Jiwan Kendra, a school dedicated to the future enlightment by providing quality education to the physically impaired children. DRC Nepal also provides regular health services to the needy children with co-ordination with various other social workers/organisations.  

Regarding the fund being raised for the regular continuation of the daily activities, Chhering Sherpa (working for DRC Nepal since last 4 years ) explains, we regularly conduct door to door funds collection programme and feed our children. Besides some of foreign volunteer students pay and work for us and Rotary Club, Nepal helps us regarding the health services. Some of the personal donors visit us and donate as per their wills. However, the funds  and stuffs we collect are being partly enough for us, as of extreme price hikes in the market.

tfcnepal decided to pour its logistic supports to DRC Nepal for the second mission #Mission2 as all our motives and their requirements are exactly similar as per our proposal. So, this Saturday, 21st May,2011 we, all the members of @tfcnepal are gathering at DRC Nepal, Gokarna to support them with the greatest helping hands we can offer.

Venue: Disabled Rehabilitation Centre(DRC)  Nepal, Gokarna-1, Kathmandu
Date : 21st May, 2011 on Saturday
Time : 1 PM (Sharp )
You can view a google map here 

@tfcnepal will be donating the regular food stuffs and other general households things as we have noted some of them.

How can I be a part of the donation individually ?
You can  offer your outfits (clothes which do not fit you), stationaries, books and storybooks (which is already used and its of less importance to you), magazines (you think is fruitful to the children). And if you are a computer professional, you can certainly maintain some computers which are malfunctioning. (softwares problems)

So #members lets gather and help children to bring smile in their faces, this is what we are committed for.
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  1. Like it !यसपाली चै म पक्का आउने छु । मेरो तर्फ बाट हुन सक्ने सहयोग अवश्य हुनेछ ।

  2. I wish, I could be there to put my hand together with you all guys, great work, we support, our solidarity r always with u all.

  3. पक्कै पनि राम्रो काम हुँदै रहेछ, म पनि पक्कै आउँछु :)

  4. Proud to be a part of #tfcNepal. I will definitely be there :))

  5. आउछु टाइम मरनेजमेन्ट गारो पर्ला जस्तो छ यो पालि

  6. ल ठिक छ ! हामि नि आम्छ्म !