Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Programme of @tfcnepal at #PSS Nepal #Mission1

Pabitra Samaj Sewa (#PSS) Nepal, as the name suggests, is one of those holy service organisations in Nepal working solely for the welfare of the unprivileged/deprived groups of children and Elderly Citizens of Nepal. Dikchhya Chapagain, founder of #PSS Nepal ,an unmarried attractive youth holds the proud title of a successful Mom for her great devotion and dedication towards the continuous care and educating the orphans from different communities. It is merely a belief as general presume that an unmarried, beautiful lady with all her necessities being fulfilled, can act as a mother of several deprived and under privileged children around the community. Dikchhya holds the position of the same and has been a model being a Sincere human being committed only for the upliftment of the lifestyles and brightening the futures of unfortunate children. 

Dikchhya has been conducting her serene motive since last six years forming #PSS Nepal and collecting the children and elderly women who have lost their family or else been thrown away by the family from different parts of the country. She says Social works has not been predefined as those to be initiated after a certain age boundary, its a self voluntarily initiated practice of own for the satisfaction of the self. There's not just the age boundary to get initiated with. It gives a pleasure to be heard a Mom by these infants for whom I am only the support alive in their lives and my family supports my activities a lot for which I believe I am successful to some extents. Dikchhya further explains, I had lots of troubles during my initiations regarding the general thinking perspectives of the public that a young lady initiated such a huge responsibility, will she be able to maintain the spirits? I proved them with my hard work and dedications towards my mission of providing a homely environment to the homeless children and elderly women. She had lots of troubles during her early days regarding the space management to maintain the livelihood, but the problem has now been resolved as #PSS Nepal has been shifted to the local School's building space provided by Tilangtar Secondary School at Dhapasi. 

Altogether there are 22 members in #PSS Nepal (including Dikchhya). 17 children among 19 are the primary students in the same Tilangtar Secondary School nearby. 1 among them is infant and the other one is a deaf and dumb lad being medicated at Disable Childrens' hospital. A maid serves for the whole feeding processes and looking after the children who acts as a volunteer. And an elderly disable woman counts the number to 21, who is also under the umbrella of #PSS Nepal. Children at the Samaj were truly obedient and creative holding a very good performances in their studies. Most of the children answered to be a successful social worker as their mother Dikchhya upon the questions asked to them regarding their future ambitions. School provides certain aids regarding the scholarships but are not free of cost to the children, Dikchhya explains. A kind donor donated the school fees for all 17 children last year and I am hopeful the same will happen this year too and I will be able to educate them. Never the less Dikchhya's younger brother actively works as a volunteer and guide the children for their studies.

As decided earlier we, @tfcnepal had a visit to #PSS Nepal today for a motive to bring smiles on faces of those children and ofcourse Dikchhya, and we believe we were much too successful for the same. As we had preliminary surveys regarding the necessities of #PSS Nepal, we bought up all those logistic supports including household utilities (Academic, kitchen wares, clothings, food items) and were gathered there at the pre fixed time exactly at 3:00 PM at the venue. We bought up all those materials from the fund collected in @tfcnepal's bank account contributed by the members, and Some extra materials (Stationary and Clothings) were brought individually as per own wishes. We shared our experiences being a part of @tfcnepal and listening to the devoted and motivational experiences of Dikchhya was truly inspirational. 

Thanking Dikchhya for her courageous effort of great humanitarian activities, we concluded the programme with lots of smiling faces. We are proud we succeded #Mission1 with huge satisfaction.

Participation : 15 members @saroose @nilambar @ishzz @friendycalls @niraj_1974 @aakarpost @jawn_ake @sumanjaree @sudipsaan @acharya14 @sarojtiwari @sushmite @UjjwalAcharya @santosh_dahal @sailesh_sh @Rubinraj 

Thank you @nilambar @acharya14 @ishzz @friendycalls @sudipsaan @santosh_dahal @Rubinraj @kafleramzz @drorthodon for your extra contributions by providing stationary/clothes individually to support the programme. 

Thank you @UjjwalAcharya for your wonderful presence and sharing your wonderful experiences about your life and inspiring @tfcnepal for its efforts. To view the donations by @tfcnepal and account summary Account details

Thanking all the members of @tfcnepal for supporting the noble cause who were physically present at the programme or spritually supporting the cause though being not able to be at the venue physically. Thank you all, we would not be able to bring smiles in the faces without all your support. 

If you personally are interested to help #PSS Nepal, here's the details :
Pabitra Samaj Sewa Nepal (Holy Social Service Nepal)
Dikchhya Chapagai
Cell : 9851060086, Tel No.: 01-4425419
Email :

Long Live Humanity! God bless us all!


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  3. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step :)
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