Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Assembly of @tfcnepal at Bhrikuti Mandap

tfcnepal is organizing the first ever meet of all its members at the following venue and time. It is to notify all the members of tfcnepal to be a part of it and cast in your valuable votes of supports to the organisation and guide us by your suggestions. We are also planing a donation programme in very near future and if we will be able to collect some funds as per our tweet counts, we would be very much privileged to bring smiles on some faces.... We can discuss in which fields we can work together. Lets do something for the sake of own eternal happiness. Be there......

Agendas :
1) We use twitter very often, lets use it for a cause. Lets go through our proposal and discuss however can we help our surrounding Smile.
2) We are so close with each other via twitter, lets know each other  face to face in the platform provided by tfcnepal as we are from diverse fields, lets share our views,opinions how can we work together for progress and help the needy ones.
3) Donate and Collect some money as per our tweet counts and use it for some beneficial outcomes.
4)  The modality

Venue : Bhrikutimandap Premises (Lawn/Tea shops nearby) {as we are lacking some proper spaces for accomodation}
Date : April 09, 2010
Time : sharp 3:00 PM

For the followers who are abroad or outside the valley, we shall come out with a concrete module 'how can we be in touch financially' after the meeting.