Monday, April 11, 2011

Facts of First Assembly of @tfcnepal at Bhrikuti Mandap

In the first ever #tfcnepal meeting held on 9th April, 2011 #Bhrikutimandap, Niraj Acharya @niraj_1974, Aakar (Anil Ghimire) @aakarpost, Pramod Neupane @friendycalls, Ishwor Kafle @ishzz, Nilambar Sharma @nilambar, Saroj Babu Tiwari @sarojtiwari, Mukunda Nepal @hellomuku, Saroj Koirala @saroose, Janak Raj Bhatta @jawn_ake, Santosh Dahal @santosh_dahal, Prabin Regmi @regmibabu, Sailesh Sharma @sailesh_sh, Yadav Bhattarai @yadavbhattarai, Braj dahal, @nepaldiary, Anbika Giri @anbika were present inspite of their busy schedule for the first ever meeting to discuss the plans and policies and the concerns regarding the smooth running of #tfcnepal, a mission to bring smile in the faces.

We concluded tfcnepal to be called as a closed group of enthusiastic twitter friends who are dedicated to workout in the deprived groups around our community and help them to bring smiles on their faces. We thereby will be acting as a non-governmental (non-registered in the governmental records). We'll be working voluntarily for the sake of our own satisfaction and tfcnepal will thus be a non-profit motive closed group and its every works shall be official by the discussions within the members and will imply on the positive responses from the majority of the active members.And in view of these considerations it was decided in our management meeting to think and work in the direction of upgrading our motive to higher level.

The fund collection is not a compulsion to all the members, still those who are willing to donate a bit of their manageable amounts, that is very much appreciable and the money thus collected shall be utilized for the sake of those needy/deprived group of community where our helps can really be counted. You can view the lists of the donors for fund collection here List of people    Donors of #tfcNepal

A very nice initiative was undertaken to gather up whatever we feel are not useful for us, but can be a better gift to the needy ones solely too which can collectively be a major gift too. Eg : I own a CRT desktop monitor which has already been replaced by a LCD monitor and the monitor shall now be used nowhere, there's space problem in managing the stuff and selling it to the recondition houses is the worst idea of all (as its been outdated and no-one has interests in it). We can use those stuffs to donate to the schools where computer is still a worthy material.

Biggest of all, in the name of tfcNepal meeting, we came to know few really nice people from diverse field, banker to blogger, microbiologists to MBA, civil engineer to industrial engineer etc, in person, whom we were talking only in twitter. We can have different ideas and lets make tfcnepal a platform for sharing our views regarding various issues and lets see if we can do anything regarding what we are supposed to do.

All the participants in the programme were happy enough to be participated in a gang of enthusiastic social workers who believe that we can certainly make our society prosperous and can bring happiness in the faces. Above all we came to meet different.

We can do it as we are committed to it. Lets share ideas in which fields we can initiate works. We can also collaborate with any similar organisations working with similar motives, after all working for prosperity and happiness is what we believe. Do drop in your views and suggestions regarding the discussions and motives of tfcnepal in the DM or you can simply mention @tfcnepal in your tweets.

Lets bring smiles in the faces........

Your co-operation in this respect will be very much appreciated.
Thanking you all followers of @tfcNepal

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